Browns Canyon Reining Horses

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Living room / Hallway

The living room is getting so close. Today I do the first few coats on floor, it will be so great getting this done. It is looking amazing, and the wood has come out so nice..

John Deere Green

Ok Tuckers room is geeting so close and mighty John Deere green. All his bedding and curtains look so cute. He is very excited about it! Andie was liking it almost as much.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My nefew

I had to put this on cause its so exciting. My husbands sisters son Jordon won his district wrestling match and again gets to attend state this week. It pretty cool concidering he is a 10th grader and is wrestling and won against seniors.. Well anyhow had to share its cool news and he is the sweetest young man, not the typical smart alec that alot of boys are.

Tuckers room

Not having any luck getting good pictures of his room. I will get more of his as of these they had a primer coat and on have the last coat of white on window and such. When the dry time arrives that room is going to be top half yellow and bottom half green and both are jonh deer colors. He is getting a tractor themed room.

Well the office is almost a done room as well. Have up curtains(Not steamed yet LOL).. Just have to redo the built in top and backsplash area(using a bronze looking materail made for that it looks cool(Its the shiny bronze looking stuff in picture).

More wood!

This is comming together so neat, I'm loving the wood we will be in a log cabin almost. Anyways my hubby is of course doing a supper job.. He added a bunch more this evening.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Andies room

Ok we brang over the bed and her wolf stuff. It looks pretty cool now that it is fininished and has real everyday stuff in it. They all did a great job on her room YEA! And yea, the first completed room....

the closet in Gracie's room

This is the closest in Gracies room almost finished minus paint or stain. This was his moms project and he just finished after she went home. His mom is also super good at all this home redo stuff and she designed and built her own home from scratch(this is the most talent family around). I can't draw a circle LOL. And so I'm painting because anyone can do that, well hopefully I don't mess that up. That is only cause they are all on the real tuff jobs or they'd paint it better than me.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The amazing ideas!

My husband has a amazing mind that I belive never sleeps. I think it is in constant state of action. He daily adds the neatest ideas to this remodel that well frankly I'd never dream of.
He added this to the plan and it looks so cool in the picture with Tucker you can see that wall was just a plain boring wall tonight it now has the coolest wood walls. It will go very well with our rustic plan and make this such a visual eye poper when you walk in with the removed wall and such. I have to say it again isn't he amazing?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gracie's room

Gracie room had no closest so my hubby and his mom are building one from scratch it is looking so neat and big..


Well its about done. Had to order a closet door and that will take a few weeks. The bathroom is so nice my hubby went way beyond nice he made it perfect! My hubby is the best!

Andies Room

Look this room is getting super close. The floors are so neat looking and first time I ever polyurethaned a floor.