Browns Canyon Reining Horses

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My African Grey

We I've not decided on a name but I did get a few new photos of her. I had awesome day with hubby running work errands and picking up Tuckers bloodhound from her spay surgery. And wow was that pricey. Yesterday the hogs all escaped and had a blast running from girls and I. It was fun, a real riot to watch them be so happy being free.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Were did the time go?

I just clicked on here and totally can't believe my last post was in Jan.. So much has happened this year I guess I totally missed coming here and blogging.. I've changed so much around here, we are jumping in the club calf deal and slowly and moving out of the breeding end of horses since we lost my stallion Bucky. We will return to more horse breeding once we have another stallion that's be shown and proven and we will be doing that with one of Bucky's sons that was born here this spring. We just have had a blast and found a more whole family deal with the show calf thing.. I also just bought a parrot something I have wanted since I was a wee one. Its a African grey and comes home once its weaned.. I've got to come up with a name so that's my task right now..

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Been Awhile

Well been so swamped I've not been online much.. We have been so busy with the girls and Andie's new desire to show cows.. We went to stock show in Denver and picked up a few really nice prospects.. Its been so much fun.. We bought a Excursion in December and found we love it so much Tom and I bought a Stock Trailer this week to attend the cow shows and be able to still go in the Excursion.. I picked it up to today so pictures are from my cell phone.. Anyhow not much and hope to catch back up on this blog thing..