Browns Canyon Reining Horses

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Selling them is the goal, but its a heartbreaker!

Well today I sold Star(pictured above). This is the goal I know but they kill yea every time they leave.. Star was a mothers day foal the year I had surgery so I could get PG with Tucker and that worked Tucker is here but of course that mothers day I had no idea if the surgery would be.. So I spent alot of time with him.. So I've kinda always been fond of him, and he has made me super proud at many expos with his extra mellow nature.. In Grand Junction Expo he stood tied at wash rack when the team of Texas Thunder came running by in full 6 harness draft team pulling a really loud wagon -- one of those tense horse moments when your sure a wreck is guaranteed.. Did he do anything but pull back a tad bit then freeze then lick his lips and get his bath.. I can tell I've seen many horse freak at this at several expos.. I even seen a big named horse trainer horses pulling for all there worth when they went by at Denver expo.. So this did impress me with his sane mind.. Well any how he is off to Wyoming and going to be a heeling horse.. Do wish this part of the horse raising thing didn't have to happen(I'd keep them all if I could LOL).. Any how some get more attached to your heart than others and he was one I've never pushed selling him due to being brown he wasn't a hit as a foal. This spring he matured and filled out and became a stunning boy and when Moony came home they looked so similar standing next to each other it was neat.. Well that was my day, my hubbys taking me to dinner though so will be fun evening..


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Big First!

OK, this filly I'm keeping as i bought her mom when she was PG(3 n 1 deal) by the sire of my Cowgirl making this filly a 1/2 sister to Cowgirl.. I've been pleased that I love her mom she is awesome.. But the filly that came on her side and this one don't possess the calm, mellow attitude of the horses I raise in general.. I bred her mom to my stallion and that resulting foal is calm and mellow like I like. This was a test breeding I'd decided not to re breed this mare if the foal came out spicy like the other two from her.. Cowgirls attitude is awesome and very mellow what I like.. Anyhow I've gone back and forth keep this filly sell this filly what to do.. I want a riding horse for myself and I wanted flashy paint I got that in her but time will tell if she will be mellow trail horse.. But today and its a first she came right over to me in the wind, she will always come to me if its calm and nice but toss in funny weather or mostly wind and I can't really get close to her in the open.. But today she came right up to me I petted her, I even dared good hard pat and nothing stood right next to me and even snuggled a bit.. I'm very happy about this.. Laugh but I even jumped up and down and made a few scary sounds to see if she'd stay and she did.. Yea! Hope for her yet.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lifes What You Make It!

Skipper & Cowgirl
Spear It

Today is kinda a gloomy day, some rain and no sun.. The kinda day you can't do alot outside and spend it inside cleaning or like me doing bills(NO FUN)..
Well its also the kinda day that makes you think about the great things in your life as I did when I drove around this morning and my horses were all alert and perky due to weather, making them seem even more impressive to me than usual.. I can't explain to another how wonderful they make you feel just that they do..
I've wondered why so few people take the little things in life that do make you happy and pass them by so easy.. Opting to look for the bigger, and grander things that fade and never last..
People who can't please their inner selves without having something to prove to others that they are wonderful.. I've been blessed to have enough self esteem to not worry about others making me happy at all times.. Been blessed to have found a husband that works with me in life instead of against me.. I know that I'm the only person in this world that is supposed to make me happy and all others that help make me happy are a bonus in life. Awhile back a person tried to take that feeling away and worked very hard to make others feel my horses and I were not worth a thing. Well this has in fact helped my love and enjoyment of my horses grow even more, cemented the fact that my husband would never ever be anywhere but by my side and on my side. I went back and looked at pictures I've taken for years and looked hard to see if ever was a horse/animal thin because of anything other than being sick and well the proof was in the 1000's of pictures I take. I have nothing here that's not in the best shape in could ever be in. I read and watched as a fellow horse person I like on the list encounter about the same ordeal, then another get bashed on a very unhappy persons blog and condemn her horses from only a picture and this persons words that inturn turned a pack of people's opinion to hers very sad. It is so sad that people that don't like themselves and or there lives go out and seek other peoples lives to wreak havoc on just to give them a lift in life..
Glad to say I love my life and will not allow another to damage it for me..
Above is pictures of a few of my horses this morning..

Thursday, September 20, 2007

You Asked For It!

OK I hate pictures of myself and rarely have any taken.. But I keep getting dogged for one with horses from you guys so here are a few. One is of me on my daughters draft mare and I was pregnant LOL so don't laugh, another is me and Tucker with the sheep, and one more really old one (2001) when I was breaking my mare that died last year & is Moony's mom..


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First Day On The Job!

Tucker got his first time in the Silage Chopper with dad today... Dad says Tucker gripped the steering wheel so hard he could hardly drive.. This was one excited boy let me tell you.. Now since this is his future(Dads hope anyhow) I'm glad he was happy and loves it.. Tucker will probably grow up and want to be a doctor LOL..

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wonderful weekend!

My weekend was awesome.. My husband is working on silage right now so that's everyday for around 42 days and up & gone by 4:00am back home if lucky by 9:00.. He is so special he makes on day during the silage run that he takes of every year just for me and it to attend the Twombly horse sale I go to every year.. My hubby likes my horses but they are my thing and so for him to do this for me every year is kinda super special.. If you knew his work dedication no doubt you'd all understand I'm getting a huge gift.. This means all employees get day off and no one works as well so I'm sure they kinda like it too.. Well anyhow the sale was fun pretty disappointing prices but still a awesome day, the weather was great and got to walk around and see all the horse, typically this sale lands on a day that's raining and miss the walk around time.. The kids wanted to watch TV in truck the whole time so hubby & I were almost on a date LOL..

A day to cherish for sure.. Anyhow Sat was great to I had lots of extra time after stall clean outs so got to spend extra halter breaking time on the 4 remaining foals here that was a treat.. I really like working all on same day makes you see the differences and enjoy my three by my stallion so much when you work with the outside bred butt head LOL.. I love her but man she is not the same was plain annoyed by the time and pissy the whole time.. My stallions foals just wanted to do what I said so they could get back to grain.. I even got my mini stallions mane re banded(he looks like a circus pony) and these are pictures I put in above.. They are cell phone pictures so not really clear.. Anyhow had to brag up my perfect hubby as he truly is one in a million.. Had a fun family birthday party last night as well, this is my hubby's side and well they are really about the best in-laws you could have..


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Please mom no pictures!

Well bad yesterday my stallion went and scared the you know what outa me.. I thought he was going to colic so we went boot scoot to vets.. He got the whole preventative treatment since he'd not been in full blown colic, thank God.. I'm so glad I wasn't sleeping in or being to busy to check my horses I'd probably lost him.. I sure I'll never be able to sleep in again now.. Well I survived he survived so all well.. He came home at noon and had to be in stall for a few days to keep him on a light diet and he is PO'd he no longer likes being stall after years of being a show horse and living 24/7 in one then he know would prefer never to be in one.. So I have one really big spoiled man that isn't speaking to me, guess many of my married lady friends would say what new LOL.. I put Picture of slider in as the night before I wanted to get Registration pictures and him being my pocket foal I thought I could snap these up fast OK NOT.. The snot is scared of my camera can you imagine that LOL.. So here is it of him backing as fast as his hinny would get him in a corner muling out his legs and refusing to help.. Well that was better of two LOL I got.. Anyhow long winded so that it..


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Look Mom Hot Pink!

OK since my girls hate hot pink(any pink period).. I bought Vee this pink halter and lead set.. OK I think she hates it!! As she didn't care to pose for her reg photos today what so ever..


Zoo Trip

Before I became sick this weekend I took kids to the Zoo.. They had a blast!


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mia and the lead rope

Mia is learning to be a well mannered horse, and that means she gets to drag a rope to learn to give to pressure.. Ok this is not what she is thinking i'm sure.. She probably thinks what nut attatches a long snake to my face that I keep stepping on.. Well even if it makes no sence to her it does work and well in a few weeks she will be much easier to walk around with.. Of course she is following me already so kinda making her the cart before the horse ha ha.. Well I have to say this years group of foals are so sweet its so hard to say who was best of course i'm still voting Cricket but I belive a few weeks with Mias loving attitude and they may just tie.. Vee hasn't decided to warm up fully yet and Slider is acting like a abused puppy dog all moopy and sad and wanting his mommy he is taking this the worst... Of course Saxy who got weaned quite awhile back is laughing at them all.. I'm not sure how they did it but this morning all 4 weanlings in same part of barn together the little sneaks.. They are supposed to be two to a room..


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Weekend

Its been a long fun weekend, and sad as well.. Crickets new mom and dad came and took her that the sad part.. They were awesome and so nice and she is getting a really neat new home so that's good.. We toured the horses and I had a blast showing everyone off.. The wait for them to get her home was long, I worry to death till they get home and are all OK.. I got a neat package in mail today with pictures of a past horse sale and the horses first foal that was so neat made my day..

I put in a video of Tucker practicing all his learned favorites.. I'm also trying to convince a horse to get in a trailer for first time, usually not a problem.. I either get help or do it the slow way with feed and them deciding to go in on own first few times.. Well it was a rushed deal so hoping to get her in faster..

LOL horses don't do things your way when its pressing.. Desiree