Browns Canyon Reining Horses

Thursday, May 22, 2008

They Are Here!

They came finally! The granite counter tops arrived and have been installed.. Let me tell you what a long wait this process is if anyone is going to get new cabinets and counter tops.. We started this process in Jan and bought & ordered the granite before Easter so to say we have been waiting a awhile is not a under statement. Any how it looks great, color was perfect, and I'm so excited!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tucker Loves Kents New Motorcycle!

Kent & Andie

Kent & Tucker

Kent & Tucker

Kent bought a new bike and Tucker loves riding it. Andie took a spin and is really brave, she rode all the way to breakfast in town on it.. Well the pictures are of Kent and Tucker, and one of Kent and Andie. Gracie got brave and took a short ride but I missed her on it with camera.. The kids will remember these rides with uncle Kent forever..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hopefully Our First Paint Colt!

That inside hind leg has a big white spot and there's one on his neck

that leg also has a very tall sock as well

hard to see but he has two spots on his side

look at those crazy marking and blue eye as well

nifty mark right above his blue eye as well

Wow, all these foals and finally a(knock on wood) one born with qualifying white markings. YEA!

OK he is to cute & he has color -- Palomino & white. I thought I'll get color again and no white or white with bay or something to my surprise I got both.. Anyhow here he is and I took some shots of his unique markings, boy did he ever get some unusual looking markings.. Kinda fun to get a foal like this.. My daughter Andie and I were there to help him get out of his sack, get him standing. And she had such a good time seeing him born and helping move him to his pen, I think she will really get fond of this guy fast.. I think this foal stood faster than any foal I've ever seen born and nursed almost as fast he is a real go getter..

Friday, May 16, 2008

My new Donkeys

Isn't he the cutest thing

Those ears are so long

The mini stallion trying to woe the donkey

Not going well for him yet

The foal eying its new friend

OK everyone laugh ha ha.. But I've always wanted a mini donkey and well one finally arrived here. Not only did I get a really nice looking mini jenny but she has the cutest jack donkey foal on her side. She is so adorable and the foal is down right stuft animal like you just want to pick him up with those giant ears and eyes.. Anyhow the jenny will hopefully get bred by my mini stallion for a next years mule foal..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wow has time flew by.

The move

Setting in its new home

First coat of paint

The grass is planted, path, flowers and mulch.
I found a cute bench with chicken on it.

Well don't know what to add or should I say were to begin. Life around here since last post has been so busy. My hubby is trying to get a million things done in a short period of time planting all the corn, getting all pivots running for early water run, and all the normal life stuff. Its just been crazy! Anyhow we've been not working on inside of house with everything and since counter tops are still not here not alot to do anyhow. But since I'm not on the busy crew with hubby I've been working outside. Hubby moved two buildings for me a Chicken house and a little building for me to put by the kennels for feed and such.. Well they are good building but need alot of cosmetics and that has been my job, along with the yard. I've kinda liked making it look fun and not the ordinary old chicken house. We also took two of the smaller rooms in it and made sheep stalls.. Anyhow its been fun and is looking different daily. So all the pictures on here today will be of the old building(I think it was a old scale house) rebirth as my chicken house.. I have to add I didn't do most of the paining and fencing that credit goes to Eli, he is doing a great job helping me out..