Browns Canyon Reining Horses

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dad & Tucker going for a ride

Well last night Tucker had so much fun on his pony Shasta we walked around the place and did his first solo trotting.. Shasta lounges very nice at what ever speed you ask so that is great to be able to do.. Tucker stayed on and he giggles as he trots its so cute.. Dad showed up and they went for a walk and Tucker had fun having dad lead him around on his horse.. Tucker pony has shed out such a pretty color and has turned out to be a great pony... Of course Tucker is very into his pony right now he is helping feed and water him everyday..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moony Update.

Well I'm catching up and have to add a update on Moony.. He came home from trainer last August for winter break and spent winter being a horse, since he was supposed to go back to trainer in spring and resume showing we didn't want to do anything to mess up his training so he just got handled on ground no riding.. We found out Gracie is going on a school based trip to Europe next year and the cost is high so this year we took off showing for that.. So Moony didn't go back to full time show training and showing.. Instead he went back as Gracie's second lesson horse to ride at same trainers.. This horse wasn't rode since last August and handle enough but not everyday.. We were so proud we took him back to the trainers they lounged him and got on(as I wouldn't let Gracie on him after being off so long)this guy forgot nothing rode like a charm was tired after but that's it.. Gracie rode after they did a full lesson and they rode so nice and she could do everything on him, he even spined both directions for her like he just done it day before.. Now they've been going to lessons steady and she's been riding him at home as well as he is super smart, sane, and great with Gracie.. I couldn't believe he took off right where he left off so far no back steps and he is a young colt this makes us so happy as to what my stallion produces another good sign for daddy... Anyhow I was pretty hurried day we started him back and thought I left camera at home, instead after we hosed him down I found it in my truck so only pictures I got this first day back were of wet Moony at trailer. So I'm sharing them anyhow LOL.. He looks pretty wet and out of show shape but he kept most of him mane and tail intact all winter and I think looks pretty good for colt right out of horse vacation and back to work..

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wow I'm way behind!






Birthday jumping




Birthday fun.

It's been such a long time I've not added.. Well since Fathers day we have been so busy with farm life, birthday parties, watching foals grow.. Anyhow Gracie had her friends over for her Birthday they all had fun slept in RV and jumped on Trampoline for two days.. We had a really nice 4Th of July gathering.. Kent brought his grill, we hosted it at our house, and Toms mom and his sister Bobbi did most of the food(which was awesome as usual!). The kids loved it being at home this year, and I think the best weather its ever been since I lived here so all was super..

Gracie passed drivers ed so is now driving me places.. The sheep are doing good and girls getting them close to fair ready.. The poultry are all growing like mad and I have a new Peacock at our house as well.. Hope this gets my sorta caught up..