Browns Canyon Reining Horses

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Survie & His Blankie

We had a cold spell and so he got a blankie and he's not found it to his liking.. He is finding all kinda ways out of it.. Here are some pictures with it on, while he was trying and succeeding in removing it, and some of his owies and how much better they are looking.. I put one picture in of his new roomie a Daughter of my stallion Shiners Superstar... Survie is by my other stallion Smart Lil Dunny.. Survie isn't sure about his new friend or her mom he is being rude to them at every chance.. He has more personality than most foals I've been around and he is becoming such a luv as well, after my first few weeks of avoiding them sharp little foal hoofs its nice..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Corn Silage Harvest Pictures

Here are a bunch of pictures the day i took Tucker out to ride with his daddy chopping corn.. And of the giant pile of feed our crew piled and uncle Kent packed.. Tucker had a blast riding in his daddy's chopper..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Shiners Vee

Shiners Vee

Shiners My Oh My

Survie owie

Survie owie

Took these over a week ago and just getting to add them.. Starting to get caught up on horses with Tucker in preschool I have many hours i can dedicate to horses.. Getting them really alot of hands on time with no interruptions.. Mia & Vee got alot done last year but with winter and busy summer, less that enough time was spent working on halter training and so they are getting refresher courses and doing awesome.. Survie(wounded foal) is doing awesome having to go back in to vets and have hernia surgery and gelded, he is again back to him self and full of fire.. Today was first day i ever just walked up and scratched him without him running away so he is comming around.. Pictures of his owie show how wonderfully its closing up. We are just so happy to see it shrinking....


One day last week we were out walking around and playing outside, and I got a few pictures of him.. He was having fun trying to get Baxter dog to jump through dog tire jump.. He likes the wild flower patch as there are tiny baby toads living in there..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

House Updates

OK the house of course is not being work on to much since my hubby is chopping silage.. But this got done right before they started and I'm just getting to post it.. I took several shots since all the gables aren't yet done you can see the different look and the done and done right next to each other.. He had Chris take the singles down that were in gable roof points and put up wood in replacement.. Only two are up and they will still get a weather coating that will darken them a tad... Anyhow here is the look and I needed to get them photographed as new roof is due to go on in a week or so and it will look so much different... We are putting up a green steel roof I can't wait to see it completed..

More Trailer Players

Still working on trailer training, it takes awhile to get through everyone.. These are last three to get in trailer before we wean the last two foals this year.. They seemed fine with it.. Calamity was testy about her space and didn't think Vienna should be on her side or even look over there... All and all it went well with these three..