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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Andies room

got the primer coat on her room and maybe if lucky get it painted the rest of the way and it will be finished. I took this with shop lights on so its bad shot maybe next picture will be finished and with real lighting.. Yea and that would me a finished room as well the first one YEA!

Bathroom progress

OK this is a fun room it is coming along faster than rest of house as its smaller and needs easier fixes. My bear decor arrived and its perfect for the way the room is done all wood so bears kinda go. The room is getting close only a few more things and it will be finished..

Sanded floors

OK this was a project that did take time. We rented the sander for two days and it took it. Anyone going to do this have fun LOL.... They do look awesome and my hubby did most of it and Eli did the most of the edges. Now to get them stained and sealed...

Friday, January 25, 2008

A refresher

So as to remind you of what we had, and what is done now. Here is a before and after shot.

This will be our new open look

Well here is the room with headers/supports in and braces gone. Yea! I love it, and hubby added last min over hang of top beams, they were awesome thought I think. My hubby is such a talented guy he is doing great job and just keeps making it better with every step..
And look and my two kids giving some cute looks..
We had baby sheep born today as well its sooooo cute(a little girl).

more open looking every day

Here we are almost to the stage where we can remove the braces, and look at the help we have. Talk about helpers we have a bunch of great ones. Tucker has been such a trooper so far, he's not gotten into everything and played so nice in his new room for the most part. Of course so many fun people around is helping keep him happy as well.

This kind remodel with a almost three year old could be a disaster. Of course I included bunch of my hubby that's doing a amazing job!


The bathroom is starting to look like the real deal. And I'm so happy with the color it is. I'm awaiting on the ordered bathroom stuff, it is bear themed... The bathroom is a fun room to work on, I love a neat looking bathroom. This is our basement bathroom and mostly a kids one. So between kids and all the nifty wood on walls bears seemed fun but no to kiddy...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Todays Action

Well not as much in house today as last few days, hubby did get the basement vanity and counter tops installed and working so that was awesome. the counters and faucets looked awesome! I loved the Bronze on the beige granite it looks great.
We spent most of day at cabinet designers, that's a long process and got them all ordered. And the granite counters picked out. Exciting news as at first hubby was going to buy new bottoms and redo tops, he decided that was not what he wanted and we are getting new tops and bottoms that was about as exciting news as you can get(have i told you all he's about as perfect man as there can be)I'm so excited but it takes 6 weeks for cabinets to arrive and another 3 to get granite so a long time with no working kitchen.. Good thing for take out LOL(probably lots of sandwich's in reality)... Well I didn't get any pictures today as basement got done late and so tired...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Basement Bathroom

Went to town to take girls to practice and hubby had decided to hop on that project. I was so happy to see the stuff in bathroom. He didn't get it in all the way but man it looks so much better..

on to basement

The crew was on hand to day and they whipped out the basement bedrooms in short order. The ceilings had to come down and new went back up along with a good portion of the wall coverings as well.

Even more done

Today was dedicated to more basement work, but you can see the cabinets(lower) are out and supports for roof are in..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Changes.

More changes today. The wall is coming down, more carpet is gone, and it looking much different already.. My hubby is working his butt of and he is doing a excellent job! He is the most talented guy around!


The big redo!

OK this room is getting the biggest make over. Tom is taking out the whole wall corner that is between living room and kitchen. The counters and cupboards need so much attention he felt like with finding the wood floors he was going to jump right in and redo it as much as possible. He is awesome at seeing and then doing. It will be so much fun to see his ideas come to life. This will really make this room so much different when done.. And that's about all I have energy for LOL.

More of this days process.

These are pictures of Tucker exploring his new house and walking on the old carpet before we yanked it all out. It is the most wonderful hardwood floors underneath. The empty room is Tuckers new room before we paint it

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another big day.

Here are some pictures of the nice floors under all that old carpet. They are going to look great redone!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The move get a real start.

Well we spent long last two days getting stuff going. Today we(well my hubby & Eli mostly)removed carpet from entry porch, kitchen, hall way. It was super ugly stuff and we had planned on a flooring we had already picked out, but to our surprise the floors are all wood we can redo really nice hard wood floors. We had two layers of carpet and one level of linoleum and the worst glue to remove today it was a mess. We still have living room to remove and it is also the same wood underneath.. So yea it was a exciting find and all the house will have wood floors now except bathrooms and some basement areas. I have two rooms she'd just redone last year so I don't have to paint since I liked them. So I get out of painting in them, one is front porch and these are pictures of them they are ones with the chairs in them, its a neat porch as you can see all across valley in the giant picture windows. other is a small upstairs bathroom that's pretty neat. Well we are so tired tonight so off to bed.. Hubby was the greatest deciding to do the floors instead of going over them with something easy..

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Today Is The Day!

My sister left for her school and the house is now empty so we started to work on the house today YEA! Very sad to see her leave but she is off to her big new adventure and I'm sure she is going to have a great time! Its something she has always wanted to do and she is getting to do it in style! She bought the most amazing 5th wheel you've ever seen to live in and travel the country side in. It has 2 fireplaces and many other neat things.

Well back to our start we got allot of cleaning in and in morning we will be busy as bee's. Its all going to be fun and Tom is really thinking up neat things. Well I will be off emails till move is over but will update this blogger as I go. I've included a few shots of house as it looks right now.
Tom is planning on painting or siding the outside and putting up a new roof so it should look pretty different come summer. We also will be adding fences around yard for Tucker and move his big toys from other yard. Anyhow this is my update and I will add some inside before and afters as we go.