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Friday, August 31, 2007

Moony the big dork!

This is not my week LOL... I just got back from vets again 7 days in 10 days that's too many.. Moony decided that being home wasn't fun with out getting a owie and going in to vets.. Moony got 3 stitches in his neck and let me tell you I searched every where and no signs where he cut himself gads horses, horses, horses.. I'm tired of the vets.. It is nice to see that all the training comes in handy he was so easy to load, haul, and handle at vets...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Took Lacey in to vet today to get out her stitches and well disappointing there is going to be a Frankenstein scar.. Well at least it will be under a saddle pad when she gets riding age but still sad.. It is nice to go to vets though and show off there good behavior, she was a doll while others were dancing and she was getting the stitches cut off.. I also had to load alone this morning besides Gracie helping with the door.. She's not been to town alot so you just never know if they will walk in so well after they hit a year a but rope doesn't always work alone LOL.. Anyhow it was fun day the young fillies I have in barn were a riot when I let them out to day running and playing I had to sit and watch..

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Aug 29, 2007

OK my life is coming back to earth so to speak with this weekends dog event very fun but hectic since I had to drop girls and dogs of to haul horse to vet and make sure she was ok.. Of course it was my Cricket going to California.. She bumped her head on first trip to vets in trailer getting her health and coggins and by Sat had a abscess Gads horses can scar the you know what out of yea.. Today she went back to vets to get it lanced and well it was so much better alot of icky stuff came out but the medicine and goop to bring it to a head worked very well.. She stood awesome for everything and it was busy there today so Cricket is getting extra trailer and halter broke for Kaycie her new mom.. Anyhow my Dun colt left Monday and after a all day tour of horses and everything else her I probably wore out his new mom who wanted Cricket badly! My stress level has melted after vets visit today YEA! Having one get hurt right before it leaves is no fun Thank You Kaycie for understanding!!!!!! Anyhow Kaycie comes this weekend to get her so another fun weekend in store.. Picture above is Moony at home know being a real horse for a while.. Gads I'm supposed to keep that mane intact till March..


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Aug 25, 2007

All i have to say was this was one crazy day!!!!!!!!!!! No pictures no comments on day just plain to crazy to explain.....
Pulling my hair out!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Aug 22, 2007

Sometimes I think wow I'm good at figuring things out on this computer than other times I think man I have no business trying new things on here.. I bought the video at the horse show of Moony's runs and thought wow these are so neat on to computer it will go.. Best plans right 40 dollars video for 6 mins and well many hours later and no way I can figure this out LOL .. This really miffed me let me tell you.. So on phone next day I go and hours latter find a guy that will convert it of course this will take days and I'm dying to show him off.. So still waiting for that.. I did figure out on my own how to get still off the blame thing so here is my small attempt of pics from the video witch now is at computer guys place so can't get any more.. Anyhow my frustrating computer time...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aug 21, 2007

Ok what a day when schools back it gets busy, busy, busy LOL.. Isn't it supposed to get more mellow?? Oh well had fun today taking lots of foal pics.. I put these two of my golden gals as they look so good together.. and the single horse is Mia man is she a sweet and fun to mess with horse I just love this Love to death......


Monday, August 20, 2007

Aug 20, 2007

ok had awsome weekend my colt was at the Sand Hills slide and it was so much fun to go see him show.. My trainer are awsome and keep him in pristine condition.. We didn't win but had a great time and he got great experience.. Well here is his picture right out of ring..


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aug 14, 2007

Well my days have been so busy have two horses leaving in the next few weeks so I'm just busy and with school starting it will fly by.. I'm glad they both are getting new homes but man how attached you get to the foals when you really get busy halter breaking them and their personality's really show up... It makes me so proud as all of Buckys foals are such lovers it makes it so hard to see them go.. Here's a few shots of Cricket she is off to California, wow she's going to be in the good weather all year.. Her new mom Kaycie is driving clear here to get her so I'm very confident she is getting a very special home.. It will be over 15 hour drive..
But before she leaves Rebel(Burton at new mom Sherri's home)is also going to a new home and his mom too is driving clear here from Washington state. I feel both are going to awsome homes for sure..

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Aug 7, 2007

This was one long but fun weekend. We had fair and the girls show there bloodhounds it was the hottest show we've ever been in.. And Tucker made two days of it so he is a big trooper.. Then snapped this picture of Moony at lessons the other day he looked so pretty out there so adding it in this post..


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Aug 1, 2007

This was a fun weekend the kids played outside alot and had a bawl. Sunday the kids & I found a goats for sale add locally and went goat shopping LOL. So three new kids(baby goats later)one for each of course. The goats buy was a riot as the kids had to catch them as well and of course each had pick one they like out of 3o babies and the pen was not small.. Let me tell you baby goats are movers.. Any Monday brang more horse ultra sounding and getting a wild foal to be handled for first day was fun and she mellowed right out nice and sweet already.. The picture is of Tucker playing out in his pool and having a bawl!