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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Pictures a Bit Late.

I'm behind but here is a few of our Easter egg hunt in our new yard(we have a new fence to keep Tucker in YEA!)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It looks like a kitchen

We are now on a much slower pace with the remodel due to farming, my expo, etc.. But the bottom cabinets are now in the refridge made it here. And the granite is soon to have the template made.. By the way the man moving my fridge in is my perfect hubby, look at the fridge arriving in one piece.. A beautiful site when you been living without on for a few months..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some More Expo

Playing in the shavings beach.

The stick rodeo cowboy

my hubby hard at it(watching the markets of course)

Fun in the stall

Laying in the shaving beach(it made them nappy)

Here's more expo photo's. My hubby set Tucker up real well so as not to be bored. He dumped clean shavings on a nice spot by our stalls and we gave him sand box toys and he had a blast. I didn't ever think of a beach at a horse show but it was great. Leave it to my hubby to come up with the best idea ever. Tucker also had his sisters playing in the pretend sand and they all couldn't resit laying in it. My hubby brought his lap top in case he got bored(I think it helps him nap better LOL). And one shot of Tucker getting his ribbon at end of stick rodeo.

Monday, March 24, 2008


OK the Expo was so much fun! I took Slider and Vee and they were such Angels! Both got a world of sites and sounds exposed to them and they took it awesome. From wild west shoot em up sounds(lots of gunfire and flashy explosions) to draft horses to look up too, to a camel(that was the most exciting for them). They had the first baths of there lives, walked among traffic and screaming kids, and went out several times a day to the round pens. They were touch by strangers all day every where and nothing bothered them(except that camel LOL). OK the camel was scary and smell terrible I don't blame them. My kids had fun and my hubby helped so much and we had a great vacation. The Expo turn out this year was the worst ever I'm sure high gas prices aren't helping these kind of events at all.
Well my new new curtain was great, but I would order extra panels as they would never have made a corner stall and I found best method to hang them is zip ties. Tucker was in a stick rodeo and a riot. Vee was a hit everyone loved her pretty little head and Sliders color really got a lot of attention. There colors didn't show up well in pictures. Slider looked pure white after his bath and Vee's legs and face look so dark gold both are palominos. Over all a great time and meet a ton of people.

Shiners Super Slide (Slider) Shiners Vee (Vee)

These two hamming it up in round pen.

My curtain & table.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Horse Expo Prep

We are taking 2 horses this year to the Denver Expo. I wanted stall curtains and a banner and decided to go for it. I only hope I can figure out how to put them up LOL. Here is pictures of my banner I had my logo put on & and a catalog picture of the curtains I bought.

Terrible 3's not 2's

well i won't bore you all with this whole story lets just say this.

a 3 year old

a dad on the the phone with a 3 year old son all alone

15 minutes

silence while dad is on phone -- (dad doesn't know a quiet 3 year old is probably up to no good)

and paint and roller brush

OK I assume all can imagine how many places a 3 year old can paint in that time frame.. This of course is on new furniture, new cabinets and floors/walls. Thankfully mom and kids arrived before paint could dry.

Here is picture of the only place it would not come off and with a house full of fast drying paint we took no time for pictures.

Tucker Turns Three

Tuesday the third was his big day 3 years old. I can hardly believe we have gotten this old already. He had a great time opening presents and loved his big wagon and the combine was a super big hit..

almost up dated

here is a view from dinning to kitchen hallway

the new cabinets(every where)

oh we love them

a few cabinets up & the new ceiling fan


Well I'm getting caught up Yea!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

More catching up

My husbands center peice he had done.

Example of our decore

Tucker and RT enjoying the new living room

The dinning room is getting close to being done

Tuckers room with bed in it and all his John Deere stuff

I'm getting as many catch up pictures in as I can. Since I'm so far behind bare with me..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


My new picture

Dinning room and new table

Tuckers room

Gracies room

Did we wear him out or what?

I'm so far behind but here's some of the progress. We have done a ton since I last posted and had a bunch of other thing going on. Gracie took 3rd in county wide spelling bee and made paper with caption " best spellers in county". Tom bought me the most perfect picture for our house it is so wonderful -- He is perfect!!!! And Tucker turned 3 had a nice birthday pictures to follow..