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Monday, December 31, 2007

Chantel & Tucker

Chantel was home for Christmas for a few days and Tucker got the biggest kick out of her. Since she is not her but a few short visits a year he has to re-meet her and this time he was her bud right away. He had a blast playing with her. Christmas and her visit wore him out. The pictures show how much chocolate the two eat as every time I looked at them they had chocolate faces. The last is of Tucker falling asleep standing up the whole holiday wore him out a bit.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa Fun

Well I was sick with the flu, and got behind on this blog again. My husband proved to be my hero yet again! I was so sick, and he asked if I'd like him to have Tucker that day, I gladly said yes. Anyhow he took him all day, that evening to the girls school event and the next day as well. Needles to say I was so sick i couldn't have had a worst day if i had him home while I was sick. I slept away an entire day a luxury I've forgotten all about with kids LOL..
Anyhow the pictures are of Andie and Tucker playing with Santa hats it was too cute to see them so i took these..
Tonight was my our farms company Christmas party and we had a great evening we have so many in family and working for my husband it is getting to be a pretty large group know. We had it at a very nice place here in Scottsbluff and the food was very good!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Catch Up!

OK, I'm behind. It has been busy bee time around here and my mind is on our up coming move towards end of Jan so I've not be online alot.

Well anyhow enough with the xcuses and back to blogging I hope. I spent last week trying to get my Christmas mailings out and that seems to take me a time as I'm not good at it and put it off. Tom has his new pivot standing. I have been thinking about girls new bedrooms there is so much things to do. The girls are so excited and Tucker is to since we've had a few evenings over there and the girls tell him he is going to have his own room there, he now says it when we drive by and gets so excited.. Well above pictures I took in Nov when weather was still nice, these are the remaining foals left from this years crop and they are looking so nice.. They are so much fun to play with since this years are such puppies and love to come to you and get scratched.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tucker and his dog Cutter

OK, I am behind here I can't believe I've not posted in so long. Well what has been going on?
We had a awesome Thanksgiving at my hubby's sisters house a giant feast as usual. All the food was wonderful and every one seemed happy. My hubby's family is so close the holidays here are always wonderful, such a nice thing. I had my 07 foals first farrier trims a big day always and fun to see the way they act. Sent Spicy off to the trainers to get started can't wait to see how she does it will be exciting to see her first ride. Sunday Tom and I had the funnest day the girls went to YMCA and we had to kill a few hours so we went open house touring just for fun. Our town is smaller so not many to go see but I had so much fun with him going he is such a good sport and seemed to really enjoy it as well. One house had the exact colors I used in mine this spring that was neat to see. The pictures are of Tucker and his dog Cutter they were so cute as he was reading to him and making him sit I had to get a few shots. And he was in his superman PJ's so I thought pretty cute..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nothing Sweeter

It was just too cute not to get a picture of. He was worn out and went and got him self in bed for his day time nap. everything in picture is how he did it, he covered himself up perfect and took of his shirt. He often sleeps with his hand & arms up like that too. Isn't that the sweetest look ever!

Grandpa, Dad, Tucker

We had a great day! My husband, his father, Tucker and I all went to look at Pivots today. My husband and his dad are super close and Tucker is super special to both guys. It was fun to have all three out and about together. These will be special times for Tucker to think back on doing things with Dad and Grandpa. Tucker is really into all the farm stuff and his grandpa and dad will be the greatest teachers for him to learn all this from.

Tucker & The Dogs

OK it was a great day we were out looking at Pivots and at this one in Colorado we all got out for awhile. Tucker & the dogs had a fun time. Tucker would throw corn and they would run after it and sometimes bring it to him and other times run off with it. Tucker was just getting the biggest kick out of it.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shiners Superstars Chestnut Filly

This filly was last one born this year, a August foal so still pretty young. She is owned by my sister in-law. I stopped by there to take a peek at her and she has really grown and she is in that losing and gaining hair stag so pretty fuzzy. She is a chestnut and looks like she is going to get flaxen mane and tail. She caught up with her ears and is looking so nice her head is so cute and super dishy. Well thought I'd share as she was just a little sweetie today.


Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick & Treats Time

The kids had a blast! Tucker was Spider Man and doesn't want to give up the costume so he's been using it for PJ's lol lots of laundry but he is loving it. The girls felt a little old to be tricks or treating this year, thats kinda sad. Gracie was a devil girl and Andie was a scary creature. But in all we had fun and dad went to so great time. Dad got to see how much energy Tucker can come up with LOL. I do belive men never get the fun of really seeing what the kids do ever day and so these events are the small chance they get to see things they miss out on. Of course maybe they arn't geared to really enjoy the day to day changes and such anyhow. Dad stood in all the lines and followed him around and after his long day working I'm sure this is super tiring for him but he smiled and enjoyed the whole thing. Tucker and the girls are lucky to have such a great dad.
Life is short,
Break the rules,
Forgive quickly,
Kiss slowly, Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably,
And never regret anything that made you smile.
OK this was one passed to me by another dear horse friend I don't know who wrote it but I like this one.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some of my rv redo

Before -- The old curtains and trim was so faded to pink and very yucky. So I yanked the trim panels and yucky curtains. Went shopping and bought material that matched the quilt set I bought to make curtains. The colors were hard to match but I did and used two colors to make the curtains quilt looking.

After -- Here is the after its hard to take a picture of the colors but it looks so much better in person.. And such a updated feeling.. And the curtains go all around the three sides being handmade they're much better since they are lined.
Well here's the update anyhow, and now that I've been able to scrub every inch from floor to ceiling and shampoo the carpet it feels brand new..
Oh and I did not sew them my self LOL I had them done, I can only take credit for the idea and color choices.


Fun Day

Well the girls had day off and I had two mares to get ultra sounded. We had fun both mares were good girls and that went well. My sorrel Kristy needed a dental. So that meant leaving her and bumming around town till they could get her done. So loaded up my bay mare Lady who is having a baby against my thoughts as she tends to be too studdly to get live covered she gave in and had a wild fling with Bucky LOL..
Anyhow when it came time to load up Kristy to go home that meant unloading Lady because Kristy can only ride and unload if in front stall other wise you have heck of time getting her out of a trailer. Anyhow at vets when she was done it was time when no one was there to help so I had a dilemma and had to give Gracie my personal mare that only minds me out of trailer and needed to get Kristy loaded in trailer not a one person job. Of course this was a thought I dreaded but Gracie is getting good at horses and we were in a pretty safe place so I handed over my wild spoiled child Lady(she not really just carries to many stallion hormones) and Gracie handled her like a pro and I got Kristy in and then Lady back in and well it was great to know that Gracie could handle a naughty horse.. This mare minds me great but can and will push around others not bad but loud screams and dances enough for a non horse person to get nervous. I seen her shove Gracie once and Gracie tugged on lead rope just right and Wola mare stood like angel. Remember Gracie is like 79lbs and this mare isn't tiny..

Well went home and both mares got new pens since not going back with the stallion. Lady went off to live with two younger mares to push around I'm sure. Kristy who is the pushed around mare went to live in with my coming 2 year old paint filly. This filly hasn't been in with a adult horse since she was weaned just other young horses and is getting pushy so Kristy can be a big boss and teach her a few things. The pictures of Kristy and the paint meeting kinda a neat one to bad both are in that nasty wool coming in stage or it would be a really neat picture.. I got the cold shoulder routine from Kristy upon finding out not going back in with Bucky so all shots were pretty much not look at me ones..


Monday, October 22, 2007

My oldest girl.

Hard to belive I have a girl that looks so pretty and is getting so close to being a adult.
Man how time flies. These are some modeling pictures she has just sent me

T ucker, Gracie, & Sponge Bob Dancing

Tucker was having fun dancing with Sponge Bob, but Gracie was a tab afraid her friends might show up and see her up there LOL..

Kids Expo

Well a fun family day at the kids expo. Tucker got to see his favorite TV show character Sponge Bob. He went up on stage and danced and had alot of fun till it was time to go. We roped dad into going to so lots of fun. The girls played a tug of war thing and that was the thing they enjoyed the most. Tucker did cry when it came time to leave as it was to fun and didn't want to leave.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

The wedding!

Had a family wedding Saturday it was so nice. Formal but not one of those staunchy kinds that makes you cringe when you think of the over spending many wedding turn out like now days.

It was my husbands sisters sons wedding. The kids had fun and Tucker had a bawl running around the church till it started. The girls were presents attendants. I love to see the men all teary eyed in the pews it makes you think they are more sensitive than they act on a daily basis.

My husband even brings a tissue as his sensitive side always shows at these events one of his truly endearing sides, shows they are very caring I think. Well anyhow all looked so nice, were not a daily dressy group its fun to see all spiffed up. Tucker likes Kent my brother in-law alot always glad to see him and he's a bibs/coverall kinda guy and since he was the father of the groom he was in a tux and it was looking very spiffy, Tucker took a double take. I got a super cute picture of the two of them together. My hubby sat most of the time so i missed getting any pictures of him this time sadly as he was all dress up and looking very handsome. Well the pictures are of the kids and one with Tucker and Kent, Tucker was all cowboy'd up in his jeans, belt and such.