Browns Canyon Reining Horses

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My African Grey

We I've not decided on a name but I did get a few new photos of her. I had awesome day with hubby running work errands and picking up Tuckers bloodhound from her spay surgery. And wow was that pricey. Yesterday the hogs all escaped and had a blast running from girls and I. It was fun, a real riot to watch them be so happy being free.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Were did the time go?

I just clicked on here and totally can't believe my last post was in Jan.. So much has happened this year I guess I totally missed coming here and blogging.. I've changed so much around here, we are jumping in the club calf deal and slowly and moving out of the breeding end of horses since we lost my stallion Bucky. We will return to more horse breeding once we have another stallion that's be shown and proven and we will be doing that with one of Bucky's sons that was born here this spring. We just have had a blast and found a more whole family deal with the show calf thing.. I also just bought a parrot something I have wanted since I was a wee one. Its a African grey and comes home once its weaned.. I've got to come up with a name so that's my task right now..

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Been Awhile

Well been so swamped I've not been online much.. We have been so busy with the girls and Andie's new desire to show cows.. We went to stock show in Denver and picked up a few really nice prospects.. Its been so much fun.. We bought a Excursion in December and found we love it so much Tom and I bought a Stock Trailer this week to attend the cow shows and be able to still go in the Excursion.. I picked it up to today so pictures are from my cell phone.. Anyhow not much and hope to catch back up on this blog thing..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This & That

New Roof

Before(see loader that hubby moved it with)
More random pictures to share.. My hubby had a new metal roof put on our house and while they were here he had them put one on my chicken house and dog building(not pictured).. There is the nicest picture of Gracie and Tucker I added as well.. I threw in a before shot of chicken house to show how far its come with its shinny new roof and all..

Gus The Donkey

Yes I'm behind yet again and these are pictures were taken back in October.. I'm taking time to get through my pile of pictures and post them even if they are old LOL.. Any how here is Gus on a day he was learning to be a good donkey.. Yes I believe the picture with his ear spread is his form of the expression you can go to *H*.. I believe he was totally PO'd at me this day.. He often will spread those long ears when i assume he is not happy.. Very cute but very serious in his mind..

Monday, November 10, 2008

Catching Up

Here are pictures from a great day last month we enjoyed watching Gracie run in cross country..
Tucker was having a bawl with his sisters and friends..

Sunday, November 9, 2008

October 18th

OK again I find myself back logged.. My life has been very busy with holiday and harvest its been super full.. Anyhow last month Toms mom got a small heard of horses and three of the off spring are foals by my stallion.. They are fun to get to see and handle since they arrived we are catching up and feet and few things they are behind on.. Red the sorrel has really picked up on her looks as I wormed her and put her on Equine JR she has taken off, she was angel getting her feet done both hinds were split high up centers from being super long.. I took a few pictures after they got here and were getting settled with there new homes. Star(darker palomino with black hoofs) the filly born last year was busy trying to make friends with Vee(lighter palomino filly) her half sister here.. Vee is not happy with this at first but as of today they are super tight.. Vee is very out going and very fun gal but not into this rushed friend ship on this day.. Star is as Vee is super friendly and so far both foals seem to be a delight. It is fun seeing that they are more pasture raised with less daily hands on than mine are that they let you work with them, and I've walked both and worked with them and they act just identical to there siblings here.. Star had a very tangled mane full of burrs and you can see in picture that it was a job getting it out.. She stood perfectly still for me to do it and I had her here a day.. Any how the picture of my grullo who had decided to some how take half her side out is my Lexi.. We awoke to her standing with a very large side of her missing and big flap of hanging skin.. She was pretty upset and it took one hour to load her and she is a pretty good loader.. She spent a night at vets and got stitched up and looks much better.. She must have bumped her knee as well as it was swollen up and had to have it wrapped.. She is doing well and healing wonderfully.. She loaded like a dream when we left vet and was more calm.. Any how hope to get caught up in a day or so..