Browns Canyon Reining Horses

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Horse & House

The house is coming right along and garage is also now fully painted and windows installed.. it is looking so much better. Today the shingles on side of house up at gables are coming down and wood will be going back up.. Chris is doing such a good job!

The colt Survie is doing so good its looking much better and he is such a firecracker... I took these on 26Th..

Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Day Of Preschool

Well we (I had to leave in a not so tear free manner on first day) made it through first week and he loved it!! These pictures are from first day and he was one excited boy..

Friday, August 22, 2008

House & Injured Foal Updates

Well next pictures after these will be of completely painted house YEA!! These are of the house painted without the foundation painted yet, it is done now today and I will be getting pictures soon.. In next post I will put from start to finish pictures as its such a huge change it will be neat to see them all in a row..

Today after his cleaning and meds I wanted to get a picture since he lost alot of the dead skin.. I went to get my camera and it was dead of course so these are cell phone pictures.. I took them after the red med went on so its really red but that's not blood its dark red coloring of the spray that keeps fly's off... Anyhow he is feeling so good he is a terrible handful he has had enough of all this and tries his darnedest to kick at any chance so its been fun.. The other side of neck looks equally as bad but its is looking really nice when I get done hosing it out everytime.. I've had some pretty nasty horse wounds over time this rates right up there but looks likes its healing faster than many I've dealt with and not sure if being up on neck is the reason for the faster looking healing but its so hopeful to see it look so good at cleaning time and with his attitude he acts very healthy and he is staying firm and eating well.. Mom is not reacting poorly in fact we take her out and my friend Diana is learning horse handling by helping and she has been holding mare outside of pen for me.. Mom never even reacts at all, just eats grass like its going out of style LOL... Anyhow update hope to get better pictures in few days.. It looks much bigger now that all the dead skin fell off...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Deck In Progress -- Kent & Bobbi's

OK I'm usually doing all this about my hubby, kids, or critters.. Well I've been watching Kent & Bobbi's deck going up and its so neat I have to share.. I'm dying to see it done as are they I'm sure.. Like everyone kids and work keep house remodeling going at a snails pace but this is just sprung to life and looks awesome as well.. Someday I hope we can do a deck as there just looks like so much fun.. Well anyhow I'm sharing and will send another picture when its done..
Bobbi is my husbands sister and of course Kent is her husband.. They are both wonderful and I'm so happy they are getting this up! Only thing I'm afraid I might see Kent's motorcycle on it someday LOL..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home From Vets..

Side of neck

side of neck


Home from vet. Well Survi(new colt) came home today after 6 days.. He is looking so much bouncing and full of himself since his injury.. He had surgery to open and drain the neck wounds but the skin will continue to slough off and he will loose quite a bit of it so a long healing process is in store for us and hopefully he has the luck to fight of any infections and heal completely.. So it will be a long time of hydro therapy and meds.. Here are picture I took right off trailer from vets they look so yucky but he is certainly feeling better as he is now hard to handle as he wants to run play and stay away from us getting sprayed with the wound spray..

IA Trip

Well we had a fun weekend. Tom and his dad took Tucker and I to go look at combine heads in IA.. They bought a new combine so a head is also needed to complete the combine for harvest.. We left Sat and spent the night in Council bluffs, IA then drove to Creston and Lenox to look at 2 of them.. They like the one in Creston so we stayed night and loaded it up Monday and drove 15 hours to get it home as its a slow moving set up.. It was fun and we had great time.. And I think hubby and his dad are excited to have it as well..

Friday, August 15, 2008

So Sleepy

Went to check on the new colt at vets today before they do surgery and he was plum tired.. I was able to get this picture with out disturbing him as he looked so content I didn't want to wake him... His neck wound looked so much bigger which was expected but it looked so sore I felt terrible for him.. They have him on pain killers so he's probably not in much pain I hope.. Hopefully after the surgery he starts looking/feeling better and he may be able to come home Monday they said if all goes well..

Good News, Bad News

Good News!

Smart Lil Dunny had his first foal, its a very cute and sweet solid(no paint markings) sorrel colt.

Bad News!

His birth went fine and was born super healthy and in great shape. But by afternoon of his first day another horse in his pasture decided to handle him pretty ruff.. From marks and wounds looks like he was picked up by back of neck and then given a good owie to hind end.. the neck wound promptly began to swell and turn into abscess on both sides of his neck that are going to be lanced and drained and will take time to heal.. The wound on butt is pretty nasty as actual hide is missing(you can see in picture) and some that is still attached is dead and will be removed.. So at afternoon check on his first day of life he had to get his first trailer ride with his mom and get a ton of handling at vets. He and his mom will be at vets for a few days so if all goes well & no infection gets hold he will be fine minus a bit of hide and probably a few scares for life..

Glad this is end of foaling season as it has be the longest one todate..

Horse Pictures






Working on registration photos and got a few of others as well.. They grow and change so much every time I get a picture and look at it the difference is amazing.. Saxy my Wyo Blue Chips filly is so tall and looking to be brown instead of black.. In the picture she is standing in front of Spicey a filly a year older than her and they are very close in height.. Houdini is still a massive foal very muscular and such a tank where my Smokey is built very nice but not as thick.. Roper is about as black a foal as I've ever had and is super gentle and as close to dog like as a horse can get.. You just can't faze him! I've run about everything past him and he just takes it well I think he has a super mind, and he loves getting baths he is a ham for them... He was a test breeding as I bred his mom once not knowing If my stallion could overcome her attitude and well he did so I re bred her, this foal is nothing in mind like his mom.. She is a nice built mare and has nice papers but doesn't care for people and is naughty when being handled I wasn't sure if this was a trait she obtained when growing up or born with.. I do think after this foal its all from not enough handling and training so I'm pleased with her as a broodmare and can't wait to see if next years will be as easy to handle and work with..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fair Time

Getting ready to enter auction ring

Tucker on rides with Tegan and Tianna

Our new heifer with its 4-H owner
(Tom made her day to find out she wasn't to be butchered)

Gracie and Tucker

Gracie, Kendra, Kristan

Fair Time Fun! Girls showed the hounds for 2 days & this year they tried sheep and liked it so will be doing that again as well.. We stayed whole week in RV probably the funnest fair to date.. Tom Bought a heifer in auction and she is very sweet(next year we will have a baby calf YEA!).
Tom and I enjoyed a rare night out with out kiddies, we went to the Auction Buyers dinner since we bought the heifer and 2 butcher hogs.. Not only did purchases come with free steak dinner but a concert to boot and we went kiddless as well the group was No Cash Cowboys/ Jason Meadows and it was pretty good.. Tucker discovered rides and playing football with a lot of kids during shearing day he had fun. So over all fair was blast!!

a month behind

We have a employee that is also very close to my husbands family and found out he has leukimia, and he will be having a bone marrow transplant.. My brother in-law asked my daughter to model for the fund raising event he is hosting for Harry.. She had fun and looked great of course.. It will be a all vehicle poker run..

2008 filly -- By Shiners Superstar

2007 filly -- By Shiner Superstar

2008 Colt -- By Shiners Superstar

Had a chance to go see a few foal sire by my Stallion Shiners Superstar.. Always fun to do this..




Tucker & Bozler

My oldest daughter Chantel was here and we took a trip to a neat little lake by us.. Our first trip with RV and we had fun it worked well and enough room for all.. Tucker and Andie couldn't stay out of lake very long..