Browns Canyon Reining Horses

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

My hubby is a person who is extremely hard to buy gifts for. So for fathers day I decided to get something to enhance his personal shop at home since he has been getting it all cleaned up and looking so nice since we moved in.. It was completely surrounded by years of stuff.. He got it completely stuff free and I'd gotten a farm themed bench, planted two horse buckets with plants already.. So on Sunday I gave him a tree to plant out front and he decided 2 would be even better so we went and bought the matching tree.. It turned out to give him and Tucker a fathers day project.. They spent the afternoon digging the holes with the backhoe and Tucker got to steer and I think they had alot of fun.. I took these of them driving together it was so cute, Tucker was having a bawl and dad was smiling the whole time since Tucker would turn right or left exactly when he said.. Anyhow here are a few pictures of them and the area..

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Buckskin Filly

This gal is so sweet and a buckskin like dad YEA! Well a buckskin now she may gray.. It will be fun watching this foal as moms half TB, and already can see the gal has this in her she runs all the time much more than the other foals..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Kitchen

The microwave came out so neat.

OK my hubby got the microwave up and running and the sink all plumbed.. Oh how nice it is to have a fully functioning kitchen again YEA!! He has done the most amazing job, my new kitchen is getting so close to being done and it has the most custom look ever!! I have to brag my hubby is the most talented man in the world!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Chuckie Cheese

Dad and Tucker

Chantel, Andie, & Chantels boy friend Luke




Before graduation we went to Chuckie Cheese to wear out Tucker to ensure a well behaved 3 year old during a boring ceremony(it worked to well he slept right through it). Anyhow the kids even the oldest and her boyfriend were having fun..


Well Chantel made it through school on honor roll, and is out of school. One down 3 to go LOL... The graduation was nice and she looked great.. Had a fun weekend.. She is going to be heading to Japan in July for modeling so won't see her much but she is super excited about the big trip..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sheep work

Well the sheep are not finding this whole new life very exciting. and these pictures were taken before there first shearing so they look really naked and sad right now. But they are learning and beginning to walk nicer than in pictures.. Tucker is really enjoying the sheep as well..

Andie moves to middle school

Andie graduated elementary school and will know be a middle schooler.

Gracie's big day

Well, Gracie got her first vehicle and she is so excited.. She is going to be bopping around in a Ford Explorer and I think having a bawl, it has room to haul around her big bloodhound Zana.. Kinda scary for mom and maybe dad but well nothing you can do about it they all drive someday..

behind gads

Shiners Storm Roper - Roper

Shiners Houdini - Houdini

Shiners Sixgun Smokin - Smoky

Shiners Calamity Jane - Calamity

Midnight Rain -- Rain

OK so I've failed to keep up here once again so will have many posts here just to get caught up.. I've will try and keep in order. Here are my foals that have been born so far. These will be birth photo's since bad weather I have few of them so far.